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Welcome to Coulson Tough Kindergarten

Amy Martin

First GradeTeacher


Conference period:

Welcome to Coulson Tough First Grade!  I am so excited to have your child in my class this year.  I know we will have a great year together. Please contact me with a note or an email anytime  you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Important Dates:

Our Daily Schedule:
7:45 - Morning Work/Announcements
8:15 - Morning Meeting
8:30 - Language Arts: Read Aloud,Shared Reading, Guided Reading, Literacy/Free Choice
10:00 - Recess/Restroom  
10:40 - Lunch
11:10 - Writer's Workshop
12:00 - Specials (Music/Art/P.E.)
12:50 - Math (Calendar, Activities, Stations)
2:05 - 2:20  Recess
2:20 - 3:10  Science/Social Studies
3:10 - Dismissal


 Library Day:  Every Thursday we will check out books in the library.  Please help your child to return books each Monday so he/she may check out new books each week!
*Birthday Treats*
We eat birthday treats 10 minutes before lunch is over, around 11:00 a.m.  Birthday treats need to be pre-portioned, store bought and peanut free.  Some treats that students like bringing are cookies, donuts, brownies or rice crispy treats.  Please email me two days before you would like to bring or send in the treats.

Snack:  Please pack healthy snacks that are "dry" (such as crackers, cheese, banana, carrots, etc.)  Because we eat snack in our classroom (within very close proximity to books and other materials,) please refrain from packing anything that could easily spill (fruit cups w/ juice, applesauce, etc.).  No drink is needed for snack time; we have water fountains inside and outside our classroom.

Transportation/Dismissal:  Please make sure that your child knows how he/she is going home each day. If your child rides the bus, please make sure he/she knows the bus number and color.  It is extremely helpful to keep his/her afternoon transportation as consistent as possible. Please send transportation changes in writing (via Kinder Keeper) if you will be changing your child's afternoon transportation.  Please note that teachers cannot accept emails as a valid change in transportation.  

Kinder Keeper:  Please check and return your child's Kinder Keeper folder each day. The Kinder Keeper is a wonderful resource for parent/teacher communication.  I check the folder every morning.  Lunch money, transportation changes, and other important notes should be sent to school in your child's Kinder Keeper.  

Homework:  Kindergarten students should be participating in 10  minutes of homework/reading each night.   Homework is meant to enrich and strengthen lessons taught in class.  Please contact me if your child is having difficulty.  Activities may be modified based on the abilities of each child.  The homework sheet will be sent home in the Kinder Keeper on Mondays and should be initialed by a parent and returned to school with all completed activities on Friday.  

 Computers: We will visit the computer lab on Thursdays.

High Frequency Words
(must be mastered by end of school year)

I, a, the, it , is,  can,  you,  in,  and,  my,  see,  like,  look,  at,  go,  to,  we,  up,  no,  me,  do,  am,  he,  so,  an,  this,  for,  are,  on,  of,  saw,  yes,  went,  did,  was  
Kindergarten High Frequency Words
Words introduced through November are the 35 words students are required to learn in Conroe ISD.
Students will be tested on these words. All HFW should be read by sight in 3-5 seconds

I   a   the   it   is   can   you   in    and   my   see   like   look   at   go   to    we   up   no   me   do   am   he   so   an   this   for   are   on   of   saw   yes   went   did   was  


(great for extra practice and enrichment at home)
                     ***great website!***    www.countylibrary.org (click on tumble books on bottom right corner to read books online


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